Re: Just finished it!! :D

Date: 2012-06-23 11:18 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] demishock

Yeah, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for Korra and Asami to have a conversation re: Asami sending Mako to sit in the backseat of the car and all the coldness between them, or to come clean to her about the kiss, or something, but they pretty much never talk, which... it's Team Avatar, and half the team doesn't talk to each other. @__@

The sad part is I don't feel like Korra is failing. The general sentiment I've seen today is a lot of "OMG YAY THE FINALE WAS AWESOME" with a sprinkling of "Um, wtf Bryke?" and then all the usual ship war crap that I can't be bothered reading anymore. I feel like this is all some crackpot plot by Bryke to mess with the folks who used to ship Zutara in the first show, because most of that faction seemed to jump onboard the Makorra ship right away. They've always pressed the point that Zutara would've been terrible if it had happened, and now they can point to its "parallel" in Makorra and how people hate it and go, "See? We told you it would suck." XD; (She says, as someone who casually shipped Zutara even though she's all right with the canon couples, and who thought she was going to LIKE Makorra.)

Well, they got me there I guess; it DID look cool. :/ But yeah, with lightning-bending and metalbending being so common among the populace in Korra's time, they're kind of not special anymore and it's kind of a bummer, at least to me. Those were like THE mark of mastery of one's element, and it's like, okay, so now what's the new bar to aim for?

Oh good, I wasn't the only one having flashbacks to Deus ex Lion Turtle. *facepalm* I can buy her being down in the dumps and her past lives coming to give her sage advice, but the magic "okay here's your bending that you've done nothing to get back" thing was total crap. And if Katara had been there, she probably would've smacked Aang upside the head for giving her such an easy out. XD At least Katara still rocks. I was happy she couldn't reverse the problem. Too bad the problem got reversed anyway not five minutes later.

RAAAAARGH! *yanks hair out*
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