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Date: 2012-06-23 09:07 pm (UTC)
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Yeah... just another thing that got wrecked thanks to the pacing. If we'd seen bits and pieces of his and Tarrlok's story over the course of several episodes, and Amon had gotten his own flashback about where he was between leaving the Northern Water Tribe and becoming the leader of the Equalists, it would've been great. Alas...

Asami keeps trying to put him in his place (heat your own tea; don't blame your brother for what you did; etc.) but other than that, nada. Speaking of that scene, I seriously wanted Pema to stick around and play mediator between them instead of being like, "Whoops, guess I'll leave you two alone now." Then again, this is the woman who's jealous of her husband's childhood sweetheart and hands off her high-maintenance kid on her as a type of "revenge"... the bullshit romance crap with the adults pisses me off even more than the stuff with the kids. Teenage relationship drama, I at least expect to be immature and stupid. But the adults should be beyond that at this point. Fuckin' A.

I'm not saying I would see her as a Sue if she managed to save herself more often, just that that's the kind of flack I'm used to seeing in fandom when it comes to female characters. They're either a Sue or a damsel-in-distress, and there's no middle ground. Endlessly frustrating.

Mako breaking out of bloodbending was pretty unbelievable, although part of me wants to try to give Bryke the benefit of the doubt (because no matter what the case is with LoK, ATLA was still amazing) and think that since lightning-bending is to firebenders what bloodbending is to waterbenders, the mastery of either puts them somewhat on par with each other. The problem there being that Mako is not a master firebender. The fact that he can bend lightning at all confuses the hell out of me. I think my brain is stuck on the fact that in ATLA, each of the gAang became a master of their element, and I was hoping to see the same kind of growth from Korra's team. Not so. MORE DISAPPOINTMENT FOR ME~!

And then Amon and Tarrlok blow up. WTF?!?! And I wanted to see Korra hit the Avatar state but not like that. BLARGH. MY HEART IS BROKEN, BRYKE. T____T
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