Date: 2012-06-23 05:35 pm (UTC)
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LJ is being a butt so I guess I'm replying over here, derp. That Loki!popcorn gif is friggin' amazing. *ganks*

We had a power outage last night and it screwed up my DVR, so I only got to watch it while it was airing and only part of it recorded so I can't rewatch it right now, but my initial reaction is just kind of "ALL OVER THE PLACE". They crammed a LOT of both awesome and unawesome stuff into these two episodes that would've been better served as, again, spread out over a longer span of time. Re: what you said over on LJ about Bryke thinking the pacing of this is good... ugh. I miss you, 20-episode seasons. T__T

Some of it, I managed to call. Some of it, not so much. I really have no idea what season 2 is going to be about now, because they pretty much wrapped up everything?

I don't want to spoil stuff, but I do have to say that Mako does something partway through the episode that made me go, "HELL YEAH!" so that's progress I guess.

Once you've seen it and I've had a little more time to process it (and trawl tumblr for stuff people noticed that I missed the first time around), I'll have more to say. XD;
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