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I gotta say with all the shiny new pictures and plot details about S2, I wish I could be more excited for this.

But after S1, ehhh...

Why is Mako a cop? I thought him threatening to burn an Equalist's face off would be total bad cop material. Unless it teaches him to not be a douche I doubt that though Watch he comes up with a super special firebending move!

SPIRIT WORLD! I missed that place. I hope it doesn't get totally screwed up. The little spirit creatures are totally heartless, come on.

Korra using her Avatar State to cheat. So what was she learning first season? Oh wait, nothing. I really, really hope for development this season. I wanna like Korra again. :(

As much as I like Bumi from his one second apperance, I'm kind of bothered that he and Kya are becoming the main characters Book 3. Unless they mean Korra, Bumi, and Kya adventure times then HELL YES!

I wonder if Koh will steal Mako's face to teach Korra a lesson?

I'll watch it, but I'll be wary. Don't wanna get burned so bad again.

Date: 2012-07-16 03:31 am (UTC)
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I was mainly excited to see older!Zuko. But I also really like Kya from what I've seen/read of her.

I wish Mako would just disappear =(

And yes, I hope they do the Spirit World right and ia about Korra too! It was really silly how little she ended up having to work for Airbending or the Avatar State in the end. I want to see her challenged more.


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